EU Funding for Experiments at HZB

With its Framework Programmes, the European Commission is providing an important tool for providing access for European researchers in the use of European research infrastructures. The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) bundles the research-related EU initiatives together under a common roof.

By its involvement in several FP7 activities, HZB was able to offer EU funding for travel and subsistence for users form EU member states and associated countries. Please note that you are especially requested to provide an acknowledgement of EC funding in any publication based on a EC funded experiment. Details on rules for eligibility and on the obligations in case of funding can be found on the following pages:

Recently expired EU funding programmes

  • CALIPSO (photons)
  • BioStruct-X (macromolecular crystallography)
  • NMI3 II (neutrons)
  • SoPhia RI (photovoltaic technology)
  • SCIENCE LINK (photons and neutrons for industry in the Baltic Sea region)
  • ELISA (photons)
  • NMI3 (neutrons)