Supplies available at the experiments

The following infrastructure is available at the individual beamlines:

1.- Power supply
3 circuits, each with RCD, with per circuit 3x Schuko connectors, 1x IEC 16A connector, 1x IEC 32A connector
common potential equalisation connection and emergency switch
maximum total power 44 kW

2.- Cooling water
closed system, forerun 10bar / 30°C (a pressure reducer may be used in special cases), return run 1.8bar / £ 42° C
2 hose connection nipples 10mm Æ NW each
Cooling water has VE-quality (10µS)-therefore stainless steel fittings have to be used.
QH2O ~12-15 l/min

3.- Compressed air
4 FESTO couplings with automatically acting shut-off, 8.5 bar , dried

4.- GHe recycling
one coupling 20 mmÆ NW and associated counter in the supplies frame in the hall

5.- Exhaust line
with 20 mmÆ NW hose connection nipples for non-toxic and non-explosive gases, capacity ca.8-10 m3/h

6.- Hazardous gases exhaust line
for toxic and explosive gases and gas mixtures, 25mmÆ NW hose connection nipples, exhaust capacity ca. 11-15 m3 (only available if supplies frame in the hall is equipped with a safety gas cabinet)

7.- Mobile safety gas cabinets
for the use of
- lecture bottles with PxV ³ 20 at the experiment
- steel bottles for technical gases (e.g. 10l/200bar)

8.- Two movable GHe counters
in cases where more than one user consuming LHe is connected to one fixed counter

9.- LN2
35x 100l Dewars und 4x 150l Dewars, distributed over the hall

10.- LHe
on demand

11.- Turbo-Molecular-Drag pumping stations
14 Pfeiffer TSH 064/TSH 071 stations (pumping speed 33l/s, ultimate pressure 10-9bar) are available on a short-term loan basis